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Our Exclusive IT Services


PBX VirtuOffice solution

>Our unique hosted IP PBX solution allows you to pay-as-you-grow, which means you save money without sacrificing features. IXO manages the complete service so you can focus on your business rather than your telecommunication system. IXO VirtuOffice service offers features, benefits and investment advantages that will transform the way your company does business. These include: • Advanced PBX functionality combined with local and global calling from one service provider • Reduced costs due to minimal upfront investment and low monthly service fees • Seamless business telecommunications for companies operating from a single location or branch offices including remote and home based employees • Works with any high speed Internet connection to provide all users with access to the same PBX features regardless of their location worldwide • Dramatically lowers monthly phone bills with free in-network inter-office calls and great service plans • Customizable, easy to use features managed online. Because each organization's network is different, IXO offers the hosted PBX set up consultation (minimal charge of 50 euro). Further technical support services are also available. Features Abbreviated Dialing Anonymous Call Rejection Automatic Line (Hotline) Call Forwarding / Follow Me on Busy Call Forwarding / Follow Me on Don’t Answer Call Forwarding / Follow Me to Multiple Simultaneous Extensions Call Forwarding / Follow Me to SIP Address Call Park / Call Pickup Call Return Call Transfer Call Waiting Caller ID (before answering an incoming call) Caller ID on Call Waiting Consultation Hold Dialing Rules Distinctive Ringing Group Pickup Intercom Dialing Hunt Groups Music-On-Hold Selective Call Acceptance Selective Call Forwarding Selective Call Rejection Three-Way Conferencing Benefits • Advanced PBX functionality combined with local and global calling from one service provider • Low overall costs with minimal upfront investment and low monthly service fees • Seamless business telecommunications for

companies operating from a single location or branch offices including remote and home based employees • Works with your existing high speed Internet connection • Save on local and international calling charges associated with inter-office calling • Enables smaller companies to function and appear like large, established organizations • Because VirtuOffice is delivered over the Internet, all users have access to the same PBX features regardless of their location worldwide • Features that are easy to customize and use.


SIP trunk solutions

Our VoIP trunking is a cost-effective, digital quality dial tone solution for the phone system you already have. • Keep your existing equipment • Keep your current phone numbers • Utilize already installed data connections • Enjoy unlimited calling between sites How It Works Delivered over the IXO digital voice network, our SIP Trunk solution is a scalable and affordable alternative to traditional PBX offering local and global calling at low rates. IXO SIP Trunk can be delivered one line at a time in a pay-as-you-grow model to maximize the communications budget for organizations of any size. Virtual Trunk is designed for organizations with an existing phone system in place that uses traditional phone services such as E1/PRI or analog lines. An integrated access device (IAD) deployed at the customer's facility, connects an existing data network and phone system to the IZIVox digital voice network. With IXO SIP Trunk all voice services are delivered over your existing broadband connection by IXO. Because each organization's network is different, IXO offers consultation to develop a customized deployment plan, which includes on-site installation (minimal charge of 50 euro). Further technical support services are also available. Features Why pay the monthly recurring charges associated with maintaining two distinct voice and data networks when you can realize significant and immediate savings by running voice as an application on your existing data network? With the IZIVox SIP Trunk solution, outgoing calls are routed over the IZIVox digital telephone network via an IP network, rather than the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network), providing both financial and operational efficiencies. Virtual Trunking includes: • Inbound calling • Outbound calling • Telephone number in Finland, Helsinki (optional) • Online billing and account management • On-site installation • E1/PRI termination • Analog (FXS) termination In addition to traditional calling features, IXO SIP Trunk offers great calling rates and huge savings on global calling — saving many customers up to 50% or more on

usage alone. Benefits IXO SIP Trunk enables businesses to be more efficient with their communications budget while extending the life of their current telephone system. Combine voice and data Use a single broadband connection to deploy both voice and data traffic. IXO SIP Trunk service operates over your existing Internet connection along with your current phone system, eliminating the complexity and cost of deploying a new telecommunications system. • No changes to user behavior


Domain & Hosting services

Teknortha offers more than just a platform for building your website - we give you everything you need to create an efficient and memorable online presence. Do you already have a website? We offer hosting service plans that ensure that it remains fast, secure and up-to-date. Our professional email helps you create a professional image of yourself, while our online marketing tools allow entrepreneurs to create a more SEO-friendly website. Doyel Systems is a provider of all-in-one solutions that can make your online idea a reality, with the support of customized expert support from GoDaddy guides. Even local small businesses that only operate in their hometown must have a website. This is because the web is the first place people look when searching for a product or service. A website is beneficial for any business and helps them to advertise and sell their products and services get in touch with new customers (and keep existing customers) build their credibility compete with larger companies control your brand and make sure the marketing is exciting and current. Best of all, a website is much easier and cheaper to set up and maintain than you might think.Teknorth offers a complete range of online tools for building websites, along with options for hosting, email and marketing to grow your business online. There are several reasons to switch from a free e-mail service to a domain-based e-mail, but here are the three most important: Customers are more likely to trust a professional email address such as Professional email gives you world-class security with industry-leading spam and virus protection filters. Custom email addresses are better and more effective marketing for your business. Each time you send an email, you provide your URL to existing and potential customers so that they are encouraged to visit your site. Doyel systems is the world's largest and most trusted registrar of domains that gives people like you, with creative ideas, the opportunity to succeed on the web. It's easy to buy a domain name with our domain

search tools and domain name generator, so you can find the perfect URL for your business. Because it's a quick and easy way to create a website that you - and your customers - will love. All you need to do is enter your idea or industry and the GoDaddy Homepage software presents a variety of professionally designed templates that are ready to use. Then you just need to add your own text and images, and you're done. Teknorth.com offers reliable and affordable WordPress hosting services , one-click installations and the latest version so you always have the most up-to-date features available for your site. The content of your site is managed from a single site, and you have access to an abundance of themes and add-ons to get a successful result.


CRM/ERP/Accounting Services

Our authorized consultants are experts in your company's finances. We offer a range of services that you choose based on your needs, here are some examples of what we can help with . Annual report Year-end report Process review for the finance function Liquidity planning Finance Handbook Budget and forecasts For most people, the term accounting means collecting and documenting a company's financial information. In addition, the term "accounting" also includes financial management, external auditing, financial accounting and tax accounting. For large companies, e.g. restructuring, stock exchange listings and annual reports are important accounting services. Teknorth's accounting consultants provide many services in accounting and our long experience ensures a high quality of our deliveries. Advice and expertise: Our authorized consultants are experts in your company's finances. We offer a range of services that you choose based on your needs, here are some examples of what we can help with . Teknorth delivers accounting services to chain companies throughout the Canadian region. We help both chain offices and co-owners / members. Through centralized management and dedicated consultants, we can offer specialist expertise, efficiency gains and economies of scale to you as a customer. Teknorth.com is a leading supplier in financial outsourcing that offers a unique and complete solution for both accounting and payroll administration in the Canada. We have extensive experience of outsourcing finance functions. We are both financially and strategically strong at the same time as we are experts in local laws and regulations, which is a security for you as a customer. Free analysis of your processes How well does your financial and payroll work work? We at Teknorth offer a free current situation check to see what development potential you have. You also get an increased understanding of how you are compared to other companies in Canada.

Our Exclusive Audio Visual systems Services



We are called Audio Concept because our concept makes the difference. We turn to you who do not just listen to music. You enjoy it. Therefore, you are not content with mediocrity, but you also want an excellent solution for playing your music. It's not so much about the price, but all the more about the sound quality.In most homes, the two-channel stereo system is also used for cinema experiences. And that goes a long way.

If, on the other hand, you have access to a room that can be dedicated to a full-fledged cinema, then it is possible to maximize the space for much cooler cinema experiences. We have exciting solutions for this.


Conference room

We conducted a survey and asked our customers what type of service they need and want from us: what is missing and how we can improve our existing services. The most important wishes were regarding the development of the web pages and the presentation of our product range. We are now responding to this wish.


Installation Services

The competence, experience and commitment of our employees has made Teknorth one of the leading brands in automation technology. Through our work with automation, we focus on human safety . In addition, we offer solutions that combine efficiency with high technical requirements. This is what our employees do with joy.


Integrity Services

We want to establish and maintain a high level of trust in the industry as a whole. We therefore safeguard the personal integrity as well as corporate integrity when using our services and products. This means that we handle information and data about individuals, companies and organizations with great care and work to prevent leaks and the spread of sensitive information.

Automation and Controls hardware integration solutions services

  1. When we program an automation software application, the process is smooth: electrification equipment and automation systems operate together seamlessly.
  2. Teknorth’s concept for power plant automation and electrification is flexible, and based on a new way of thinking regarding dimensioning and implementation.
  3. Teknorth’s scope of supply includes the optimal dimensioning of DCS automation systems, PLC control systems and electrification.
  4. Our automation know-how helps to minimise both losses and supply costs without affecting reliability – throughout the life cycle of the plant.
  1. For our customers, HMI’s (Human-Machine Interfaces), are the most visible part of an automation system.
  2. With enhanced user-friendliness as a goal, teknorth.com is committed to further development of its automation products based on customer feedback.
  3. As a result, our displays are well in line with the customer needs, both in terms of usability and the visualisation of the process.
  1. We run extensive factory acceptance tests (FATs) at our factory in Canada, where we fully test automation systems and comprehensively simulate the processes.
  2. Running FATs for all our automation interfaces ensures that errors are eliminated before delivery.
  3. Our FATs also help to maintain our prized safety-at-work policy when delivering automation solutions to our power plant customers.

Teknorth’s automation systems are designed with cybersecurity in mind. We have developed a cyber secure by design concept, building on a Defence in Depth approach. We are also familiar with implementing IEC-62443 standards in our deliveries.