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Our Strategic Work

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Your forum for member influence(Our council activities)

IT & Telecommunication is a member-controlled organization, which means that you as a representative of one of our member companies can greatly contribute to and have an influence on our operations. The members of the IT & Telecom companies are involved in everything from strategic business planning and problem formulation, to advocacy activities and anchoring decisions and positions in industry-specific opinion formation. Our council activities aim both to ensure that our work with influence and opinion formation is well rooted in the members, and to constitute an arena for the exchange of knowledge and experience.

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Creative Idea Build Up For Annual report

Who could have predicted that this spring we would end up in an extraordinary crisis as a result of a biological virus, and that this would hit our society, business and ourselves as human beings so hard? Some of you are now working at high pressure to meet the increased demand at a time when the digital transition is going faster than ever. But many of you clearly feel that significant parts of society have closed down and that the demand for your services has decreased drastically. The situation is extremely critical and worrying. Teknorth at IT & Telecommunication have changed our resources to do our utmost to help your member companies in this crisis.

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The telecom area digital infrastructure

The telecom area brings together members who are interested in everything from digital infrastructure to telecom regulation. At the Telecom area's meetings, for example, data storage, conditions for healthy competition, customers' confidence in the industry, 5G, obstacles to broadband expansion and conditions for the digitalisation of Sweden are discussed.There is a consensus that Canada has everything to gain from being at the absolute forefront of digitalisation. Here, as an industry, we have a key role and thus also a great responsibility for development. The telecom area is an important platform

for jointly discussing and influencing issues that are crucial for the digitalisation of Canada; everything from how we can remove obstacles to ensure a modern and secure connection throughout North Canada, to how we create an environment of cooperation and competition that favors innovation and development of tomorrow's services. Together, we create the conditions for a successful digitalisation of Canada that includes everyone!

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(Cyber Security)A key prerequisite for the industry's trust

Things are happening in the area of cyber security in the Government Offices. In 2020, a national cyber security center will be established to support authorities, municipalities and companies, among other things. In the IT & Telecom companies' industry work, IT security issues have over time become an increasing priority. From being one of many important issues, it has, in parallel with the increasing impact of digitalisation, become a central prerequisite for the industry's confidence. Against this background, the IT & Telecom companies have developed clear positions on how our member companies are expected to handle IT

security issues. Teknorth arranges training and knowledge-promoting initiatives aimed at both the business community and political decision-makers.

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Welfare Technology

The Council is aimed at companies that are interested in issues related to IT services for health and care and other welfare solutions, including procurement of such services. The purpose is above all the exchange of experience and knowledge and to give us an even better opportunity to ensure that our work with influence and opinion formation in the issues is well anchored. The Council's work is an arena for dialogue and discussion between the IT industry and other actors in the welfare sector, such as decision - makers and strategists in ICT services for health and care.

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Payment and cash register systems

The Council for Payment, Cash and E-Commerce Systems works with issues concerning payment methods in general, both concerning cash registers and various alternatives of mobile and digital payment solutions. The Council also pursues issues concerning the digitization of receipts. The Council, formerly known as the Cash Register Council, was formed at the end of 2009 in connection with the Cash Register Act coming into force and the need for an industry association for suppliers of cash registers arose. The primary motive was to be a

counterparty to the Canada Tax Agency in matters concerning the Cash Register Act and its application. Today, the challenges are partly different: the development of the payment market - which is increasingly moving towards a cashless society in favor of different types of mobile and digital payment methods, which places new demands on trade but also opens up a new market for companies that provide payment solutions. It also places new demands on the legislation, which the council is in a dialogue with the Canadian Tax Agency about.

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The Data Council

Do you and your company have a great interest in data-driven innovation and digital community development? How can regulation of, for example, copyright and data protection be adapted to digitalisation? Do you also think that there is a great need to build and impart knowledge about this? Then the Data Council is the network for you. Issues monitored by the Council include copyright, open data, data protection, information security, intermediate responsibility and data-driven innovation.

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Sustainability Council

The Sustainability Council works actively both to develop the industry's own sustainability work in a positive direction and to highlight the industry as an enabler of sustainable development of the whole society, with the ambition to be the entire IT and telecom industry's unified voice in the field of sustainability. Council members represent both hardware and software vendors and service companies.