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About Us

Who We Are?

Teknorth is the corporate umbrella of Doyel PBX solutions, Doyel Systems and Veerytel products and services. We are working on some great products and services and looking for venture capital investments to bring the products into fruition. We provide products and services for your small to medium sized businesses with a goal to provide you a one stop solution ranging from IT, Networking, Audiovisuals (AV), Automation and controls, CRM/ERP/Accounting, Communications (IP PBX, Long Distance, Sip Trunks), etc. We are a business in a box. Anything and everything a business requires, we have a solution for that. We love open source and are a great advocate of it. We also love the Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) segment. We like to enable those that are just starting on new adventures. As we believe that every business adventure starts from something small and small things like setting up a small home office with printers, networking, collaboration tools, a small business grade PBX style phone with your own IVR, setting up an open source free of cost CRM system so that the lone business individual does not need to be alone and working hard to run their day to day activities at the same time can pretend not to be a SOHO. Under Teknorth brand we provide solutions on Audio Visual systems, Automation and Controls hardware integration solutions. As doyel PBX (doyel.ca) we have provided asterisk based IP-PBX solutions to various small and medium businesses in the GTA which includes companies like ET Group, Simex Inc. Multipost, etc. where we installed hybrid PBX solution with up to 100 extensions. Doyel Systems has been providing IT, Software and Web based solutions for many years ranging from web hosting, open source CRM, domain registration, etc. (www.doyelsystems.com) With Veerytel we have been providing home phone and long distance sip trunks to home, soho and small business clientele.



Audiovisual systems make our lives easier and create experiences. A functioning system is often a prerequisite for the business or a successful event. A good system is reliable, flexible and easy to use. Teknorth understands the technical and artistic potential of the audiovisual systems and the demands placed on them both in a critical work environment and in the production of engaging experiences. Our goal is always to find the best solution



Auditorium and training facilities, Conference room, Hotel and restaurants, Shopping malls and business premises Theaters and event spaces Sports halls and the stadium Churches and gathering places Schools and universities Control room Board and meeting rooms Cruise ship



Professional staff is the driving force in our company, where each employee's contribution is part of a strong organization. Teknorth invests in the training and development of both its own staff and its customers, which requires an understanding and adaptation of the constantly evolving technology in the audiovisual industry. With decades of experience, commitment and a customer-oriented approach, Audico has grown into an industry-wide service company.

Information Technology

The purpose of our basic business ethics principles is to provide IT & Telecom companies' members with guidelines for how employees, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders should be treated in a legal, fair and ethically acceptable manner.



We offer all individuals equal opportunities for employment. We work to promote diversity and combat all forms of discrimination. Our tool is to have appropriate processes for detecting and remedying every case of discrimination. Through active diversity work, we create opportunities to develop our employees, our organization and our business.


Immaterial rights

We must comply with and respect applicable national laws and regulations as well as international conventions and treaties regarding the protection of intellectual property rights. This means that we must always respect the intellectual property rights of others and thus produce and deliver our products and / or services without unauthorized use of or infringement of others' protected rights or trade secrets. We encourage innovation and continuous development with due regard for the intellectual property rights of owners, developers and innovators.


Sustainable Development

We must contribute to sustainable development by always taking environmental considerations into account, managing natural resources and minimizing our footprints. Our goal is for our business to have as little impact on the environment as possible. The business must comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations. We want to actively highlight the environmental benefits of our products and services and in this way contribute to our customers' sustainability work. We welcome and encourage initiatives from employees, customers and partners to achieve this goal.

Automation Technology

Products and solutions for complete automation


Core Competence Safety

Teknorth offers complete automation solutions with core competence safety - from sensor technology and control to actuator technology. The product range is then supplemented by associated software tools, diagnostic and visualization systems and services. In this way, we develop complete system solutions. By complete we also mean that our solutions consist of both automation and security functions. That is why we gather security and automation in one solution .


Areas of mechanical and civil engineering

Solutions from Teknorth.com are used in all areas of mechanical and civil engineering , including in the packaging and automotive industries, in robotic applications and for wind power and railway technology. With the help of the solutions, it is also ensured that luggage transport facilities at airports run risk-free, that theater scenery moves smoothly and that cable cars or roller coasters move safely.


Independent family business

Teknorth is a successful independent family business . The profits are reinvested and provide further growth. With an R&D ratio of almost 20 percent , Our Company highlights its claim to being one of the most innovative companies in automation technology.