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More than 5years we provide Visual Audio Systems

Teknorth is the corporate umbrella of Doyel PBX solutions, Doyel Systems and Veerytel products and services. We are working on some great products and services and looking for venture capital investments to bring the products into fruition.



We are happy to help you with installations in sound, data, image, network, control system and lighting etc. Contact us to book a free meeting, where we will help you achieve your dream rooms at home or at work. Audiovisual systems are needed in all business areas and the needs vary greatly. When audiovisual systems play an important role in daily operations and communication, their reliable and continuous operation is

important. With high-quality design and personal service, Audico wants to exceed the expectations of its customers. The goal is to always find the best solution for the purpose, utilize the latest technology and be a long-term, reliable partner from the customer from design to maintenance.



Functional and easy communication and production of information is important in all places where people gather to negotiate, make decisions, learn and be inspired. Our customers demand quality, impressive, easy-to-use and functional audiovisual tools that meet their communication needs. Teknorth is thorough in choosing products and partners, and represents only leading producers in AV technology.

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OurExclusive Automation and Controls hardware integration Services


Leading in automation technology

Our components, systems and services help you in the automation of machines and plants, worldwide. We are driven by our vision "The Spirit of Safety" and use all our passion and knowledge to be able to offer you the best automation solutions. We are the automation expert that security requires.


Our motto The Spirit of Safety

Everything we do is about making the world safer. This is evident in every idea, every product and every solution that arises at Teknorth.com. We constantly orient ourselves according to the needs of our customers and ensure that they have access to future-proof technology in the best quality.


Solutions for complete automation

Teknorth offers complete automation solutions with core competence safety - from sensor technology and control to actuator technology. The product range is then supplemented by associated software tools, diagnostic and visualization systems and services. In this way, we develop complete system solutions.


We engage with innovative power

Innovation has traditionally played an important role at Teknorth. With products such as the first emergency stop switch PNOZ or the world's first safe 3D camera SafetyEYE , we have set standards and written industry history. We are driven by the power of innovation . Teknorth was and is a guide for future automation.

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Telecom Area

The purpose of our basic business ethics principles is to provide IT & Telecom companies' members with guidelines for how employees, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders should be treated in a legal, fair and ethically acceptable manner.We, members of the IT & Telecom companies, base our operations on existing international and national agreements and conventions as well as national laws and regulations.



Our unique hosted IP PBX solution allows you to pay-as-you-grow, which means you save money without sacrificing features. IXO manages the complete service so you can focus on your business rather than your telecommunication system.Benefits Advanced PBX functionality combined with local and global calling from one service provider Low overall costs with minimal upfront investment and low monthly service fees.



Our VoIP trunking is a cost-effective, digital quality dial tone solution for the phone system you already have.1.Keep your existing equipment,2.Keep your current phone numbers,3.Utilize already installed data connections,4.Enjoy unlimited calling between sites.Features Why pay the monthly recurring charges associated with maintaining two distinct voice and data networks when you can realize significant and immediate savings by running voice as an application on your existing data network.



With our Service Provider (Virtual Operator) partnership program membership, you can create new opportunities and achieve your objectives of starting or expanding your own Domain/Hosting services business. Leverage our unique resources to get a complete service platform for long-term competitive advantage of your business with no investment.

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With our safety sensors for industry, you are always on the safe side! In today's production, the conditions can change quickly. Therefore, sensors that are flexible and adaptable are needed. In order to best meet the increased demands of the modern smart factory, our sensor technology has been further developed into intelligent systems, which you can use to create versatile solutions. Mechanical, magnetic, RFID, optical or camera-based - productivity and user-friendliness are always in focus with our security sensors. Whichever of our industrial sensors you choose, you can combine it with our controls, suitable operating technology and visualization to get a safe and profitable complete solution from one and the same place. And the very best: Our solutions can be expanded individually, so you get great flexibility.

The safety switches can be used in different areas. When a protective device is to be opened, e.g. dangerous machine movements are stopped and restart is prevented. The protective devices must not be able to be bypassed or tampered with. Some applications also require locking of the safety gate until the hazardous production process is completed. The safety switch PSEN meets these requirements in a profitable and efficient way and is also ideal for safety gate and position monitoring.

Risk assessments are the key to machine safety. You pave the way for the risk reduction rate, which is both effective and economical. Many activities performed by operating and maintenance personnel on machines pose a high risk. Often, even small factors lead to an accident. When you build, refurbish or connect machines, a risk analysis carried out by a professional is the most important basis for secured constructions of machines or for determining protective measures and thus for machine safety.

With the control module you get a leading solution for mobile maneuvering and Teaching . You take advantage of very high flexibility and operate your robot application where you have the best visibility conditions!Mobile control modules - your advantages ergonomic design industrial robustness high safety through activation switch with 3 positions and emergency stop button high compatibility other products and interfaces

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